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Our passion is to work with all types of businesses and their employees to ensure both physical and mental wellness in the workplace.

Our team consists of Registered Rehabilitation Professionals, Mental Health Specialists, Human Resources Professionals and Certified Kinesiologists.

Disability Case
Mental Health
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Career Planning
Injury Prevention
Our services include:

Ergonomic Assessment / Physical Demands Analysis
What is an ergonomic assessment?
An ergonomic assessment is an objective study of how an employee functions in their environment. This can include in an office, home, shop and even in a vehicle. The assessment assists in identifying any risks such as repetitive tasks that can cause dysfunction, improper work area configuration, inappropriate posture and improper use of tools, which can result in the development of musculoskeletal injuries.

What is a physical demands analysis?
A physical demands analysis consists of gathering information to evaluate the physical, cognitive and environmental demands of a job or position within your company. This assessment can provide clear and objective data to assist with identifying potential injury risks, providing information for hiring/training staff, identifying suitable modified/light duties, providing information for accommodating injured employees and is helpful information for benefit providers.
Case Management / Absence Management
Substance Use / Abuse
Services for Insurers
Career Planning Services

** We offer direct billing to most insurance companies **

We are committed to ongoing education in the field of Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Development and Planning, Accommodation Law, Appeals, Counseling, Motivational Interviewing and Substance Dependence Assessment and Treatment.


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